JCI Nothing But Nets


JCOS Cosplay Charity Program – JCI Nothing But Nets

It is our honor to collaborate with JCI and JBE as well as all our invited Cosplay Guest to take part in the “JCI Nothing but Nets” charity event this year. We sincerely hope that through this charity event, we can lend a helping hand to the people who are suffering at the other side of the globe.

Cosplay is one of the most happiness hobby and culture in earth.
So, if we can bring happiness to someone on earth while we are cosplay, it’s definitely a wonderful thing in the world too!

Why you should join us?
We believe that one does not Cosplay just for the sake of keeping up with the trend because clearly, it is more than that! As an unique activity, not only does it gives all the cosplayers an enjoyable time where they can show their passion and love towards cosplaying, it also provides a platform for those who have common interest to mingle and share their knowledge in every aspects ! We believe firmly that through cosplaying, we get to spread the joy and happiness to those who are in need. To us, it is our pride and joy as this would be the most meaningful not to mention the most awesome activity ever.

How we contribute?

We will be selling Poster-Set of our Special Guest during the JCOS Cosplay Party which will be held in November. For every three sets of poster sold, we will be donating one Mosquito Bar in the name of our Special Guest.

Since we aim to donate 200 Mosquito Bars during the two-day event, therefore we do wish that everybody can lend a helping hand and help us achieve our target! We really hope that through our aid, we can provide a better future for the people in Africa who are currently encountering dengue crisis.

*Each person only can only maximum buy 3 Poster-Set.
*Each Poster-Set worth RM80 and included 4 guess posters & limited postcards.

About JCI Nothing But Nets
Every 30 seconds, a child dies of malaria. Lives are not the only cost of this deadly disease. Workers cannot work, children cannot attend school and money is sunk
into healthcare for both prevention and treatment.
In 2008, JCI Members took action to combat this global killer through the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign in partnership with the United Nations Foundation.
Through the campaign, JCI Members educate their communities about the reality of malaria and fundraise for the purchase and distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets to families in Africa.

Since the origin of the campaign, members across the globe have taken action by running projects at the local, national and international levels, demonstrating their commitment to eradicating malaria.